MUSIC: For All We Know
Page updated: July 26, 2005

...It certainly caught MY attention!

...Sharing good food with chat friends
...visiting together!

Well-planned and arranged for us...
by Karol (SAW)!

...with her Richard (SAM)!

Thank you both!

They traveled from Kansas -
and back again that very night -
just to carry off this caper!



Let me introduce everyone!
Names, locations and inter-relations.


Saw and Sam, (Karol and Richard) from Kansas City.
Saw's college friend, Dalene, from Dallas.

Al, from Ft. Worth.

Oohmyra (Myra),from Los Angeles, Cal.
Rich (Myra's son), his wife, Kim,
and their daughter, LeAnne,
all from Dallas.

George and I, Nellieanna (Nellita), from Dallas.

You have the names -
now - for the faces!

The group...talking and enjoying.
Starting at the left and around one side of the table:
Dalene, Sam, Saw, Al,
Myra, Leanne, and Rich...

Starting other side of the table - Kim and George. . .
Wondering what to think about
all this chat-gathering?
Getting into the spirit of it rapidly!

Here's our beloved Al!...
...with that twinkle in his eye...and looking just great!

Dalene and Karol.
It's always so good to get together with old friends!

Myra and LeAnne
...enjoying sharing the mutual company!

Ah - now to order dinner.
Hm-m-m-m.....and your choices are....
Whatever you have your mouth set for!

Saw and Al - orders in, breaking bread!
Now, isn't it nice to have all those decisions settled?

Myra, LeAnne and Rich.
A pretty smile, OHHH-Myra!

Myra - and - LeAnne.

Rich, Kim, and George.
Even for the non-chatters,
there was much to chat about!

Dalene, Sam, Saw.

Myra and LeAnne...the special bond.
Ah! How sweet it is!

Myra's lovely family...

The group is still at it,
though we've eaten now.
What a meal!

Ah, but - this, too must pass...
amd...we must part.

But we know, somehow that, having met,
we'll never be the same again!

Branson - 2000!

2000-2005 - Created & copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay