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More than merely myth - it is a misty history,
this subject so dear to my heart.
I've thought about it long -
and it remains veiled in its mist.

I read of it in my beloved children's
Collier's Encyclopedia. . .
Later I loved the Broadway musical, too.
A visit to England, followed by more thought
and research on the possible existence and
whereabouts of the mythical Kingdom
and a first attempt at chivalrous rule
of an island beset by barbarous onslaught
has always fascinated me.

As if that weren't enough,
probing into family origins
in the vicinity further intriques me!

I make no pretense of having vast facts
or knowledge, but simply a sense of this most
fascinating lore, and a desire to paint it,
in a unique way on a mystical canvas.

I beg forgiveness for any errors or omissions!

The page has time for the making.
This story or myth, as it may be,
has been in the making since the early
Dark Ages, when the tiny island
emerged from the rule of Rome.
Alone, it cast about for a way to survive.
Perhaps the mythical, mystical King Arther
DID materialize to provide it!

And so this page materializes -
like - Camelot!

We shall probe the present British countryside
for evidence of its existence long ago . . .
Will we discover Gwynevere and Lancelot -
Sir Gawain - Galahad - Percivale - all the Knights
and Merlin back in the forest. . .?

Additional pages are in progress! Watch for them soon!


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