MUSIC: On The Road Again
Page updated: Oct. 2, 2004

Nellita & George

September, 1999!

..And what a group!...

It was George's and my first visit to Branson.

Some of us stayed at the KOA in RV's
and some stayed in town at a hotel.
Groups gathered and enjoyed at both!
We went to different places to eat,
we browsed around Branson's unique stores
and went to shows...

Sometimes, we just gathered spontaneously
and shared "fun" moments as they arose!
There was plenty of excitement, but also relaxation.

Of course - there were numerous special "situations"...
you know, things that make people laugh hard,
though sometimes not until much later...
the kind that make getting together such fun!
OH Yes, plus tender moments of shared feelings
and funny little fiascos
just too numerous to mention now .....
But those of us who shared them, will long remember!

I was there with my trusty camera . . .

And Saturday was the big event day.
Picnic, games and a fabulous skit
in the Pavillion at the KOA!
It went off like clockwork.

The play, the music, the acting -
it was all superlative!
I'll always remember rigging up costumes and curtains,
with the wind blowing up the corners!
But then it cleared off - perfectly.

And when MsJean sang "Tomorrow"
and Wowwi came slinking along with her feather boa, "vamping" the guys,
including, but not limited to, the ones in the skit...
oh! what memories!

After we enjoyed the excellent picnic lunch,
we had fun just visiting before the show in town later.

The entire group had swelled to about 35 that day.
Most of us, though not all, are pictured here!

Here is another one of a bunch of us!

You can be sure -- This was a good get-together!
Of course, we followed it with another fantastic
Second Annual Branson Get-Together in 2000.
(more about that will follow.)

The Third Annual Branson GTG, September, 2001, was subdued,
following the Sept. 11th tragedy.
Those who attended reported that it was an especially meaningful gathering.

The next year's 2002 FOURTH ANNUAL BRANSON was
the greatest GET-TOGETHER yet!
Click to visit it!

Next - the 5th annual is to be Tahoe in 2003! WOW!



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