MUSIC: "Hard Candy
Page updated: Oct. 5, 2004

We were more than just Pubbies!
There were folks from several chatrooms!

This should bring back pleasant memories!

Folks were arriving and gathering . . . Pleasant!

Later, everyone was off to Lamberts for dinner. . . Lovely!


A Branson Get-Together would be incomplete without - THE SKIT!

and the fine cast of characters. . . (yes, characters!):

"Bo", "Pollyann", "The Madam", "Sadie", "Mabel", "The Mayor", & "The Sheriff". . .

The reviews were amazing! To say it was outstanding wouldn't do it justice!

To top it off, the Picnic was scrumptuous. Games afterwards - even some dancing. Fun!

There was lunch & a show aboard the Branson Belle. . .Festive!


Hope these highlights make you smile too!
I didn't get to attend the 2001 3rd Branson Get Together.
But there was one. The TRADITION continues!
Be sure and visit the full coverage of the recent 2002 one,
as well as other pages linked below!


Visit from Greg (Fuzzy Puppy) & Vera (Ginnypye)

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