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Page updated: : March 20, 2010

...Recalling ~ being there...

With progeny, picnics, poetry...

Basic Stuff of the building years...

Recalling having been there, done that ~
Perhaps relieved not to have it to do again!

Gloriously happy to BE!

That's life.

Would I trade one moment of it?
Truthfully, I think not!
Otherwise, who might've I become?

The summer before I married...

enjoying the lake in an old fishing boat with my future husband
...checking over the chapel on the nearby Air Force Base.

Formal bridal portrait...a September military wedding.
I designed and made my wedding dress and veil - a design project!
(To be honest, Mdm. Boger advised against marriage
for serious design students!
But wedding gowns must be designed!
My home-body training prevailed!)

My first trip to Indiana, shortly after the wedding.

Visiting my newly commissioned husband's home state.

I'll never forget my first trek into "the woods"!
Guy hunting squirrels;
Girl sitting on stump crying, chilled to the bone
in absurd little suede jacket and light-weight wool slacks.
Fashion statement - definitely, wasted.
LAST place on Earth she wants to be,
even with friendly squirrels scampering about,
studying and pitying her!

Somehow I grew fond of the woods in time.
Maybe it's what saves me.

Little forest creatures
Move on cushioned earth
On padded feet,
Stir not a twig,
And rustle not the air.

Forest covers earth
With silent life - and hushed,
Not rushed by time;
Not crushed by care,
But touched by confetti-shadowed,
Silken spider webs,
Sparkling dewdrops,
Humming Life.

The Texas Air Force Base was home
for the first three of our eighteen married years.

Here, socializing at the Officers' Club.

Steve and Dyane were born in Texas.

We left Texas and the Air Force behind,
in pursuit of his education.

I continued to design and sew...

... always loved pretty hats!

Except for the first year or so out of the AF,
my full-time career was homemaking.
It was the fully purposeful investment of myself.

But alas!...Much later, alone.
And again, a Bridal Consultant.
This time, in Louisville.
I must confess,my perspective had changed!

The year was mini-skirts, laced-up knee-high boots, hip-huggers
and emergence!

The following year,
Nellieanna returned home to Texas to re-build a life.
Just that previous year, I'd learned to drive.
The very weekend before leaving for Texas
I made my longest-ever drive...
to Cincinnati - only 100 miles away!

Going to Texas, I reminded myself -
OK, it's only ten 100-mile drives!
You can do that!

In Dallas, I worked in engineering for a building company
for a number of challenging years!

Definitely emerged from my shell!
I'd done numerous designs for people over the years.
In Dallas, this continued.
Both grown and little girls in the family
wore many Nell Ann designs.
There were costume parties, which were fun and
also great excuses for indulging in creative work!

Costumes ranged from Cleopatra to a mermaid, for me,
with coordinating costumes for my partner.
This one was, of course, my Raggedy Ann costume.

This was an outfit for a very special occasion.

Such good years, bursting with a new family and friends.
Camping, boating, entertaining, travel!
Dimensions added to pursuits I still enjoyed doing.

My Earth took on more light and joy
when George Hay entered it!

Wearing an evening gown I designed for a Company dinner,
it was about the time I met George,
who had joined the company
in his capacity as an Industrial Engineer.
We liked each other immediately, and worked together at times.

Here wearing a lovely antique cameo he gave me.

Eventually decided to become a Mary Kay Consultant,
then...became a Mary Kay Sales Director!
And, yes, -
I had one of those pink Cadillacs!

Glamourous years!

At a Mary Kay function,
...modeling the wedding dress I'd designed years before!

In this work, I discovered opportunities
to use skills of a lifetime..
coordinating, teaching, staging style shows, modelling...
and to learn new ones, as well.

Meantime, George and I grew closer and
shared many activities and much philosophy...!

We both love to camp and hike.
I tried golf. (relax, pro-golfers! You're safe!)
I caught a few cute fish...I love to cast bait!
But mostly, I sketch and write poetry
when we're out-of-doors, while he does his things.
There just isn't a problem with that!

Best of all...our union in marriage!

Many things have happened since.

After our marriage, I left Mary Kay
and concentrated on our home, raising herbs,
cooking, sewing - started a quilt.

Our kitties, born in August, 1985!
died after long life, in cat-years.
16 years.

We have grandchildren, even great-grandchildren.

Obtained my ranch and doing many projects there,
including building our cabin ourselves.

Travel, - even to England -
our one trip without the cats!
The internet...
Cyber friends and get-togethers...
...This website!

Music - art - writing - reading!
Soaking up new learning.
Always - feeling most thankful!

My darling George survived a heart attack
August, 2001 - and is doing quite well.
He also survived a severe dog-attack.

We're growing wiser, perhaps.
Inheriting the title of 'older generation'.

I'm very sure -
of many more momentous "happenings"!
That's life - and it's good!

Is my adornment,
The gift of years.
I envy not
The blank of innocence.

I am become a woman
There's no debt against it.

The calm water
Shows no sign of strife
From its past storms.



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