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Mother was quite active in Eastern Star -
and in the San Angelo Art Club.
She served in every office of that organization
at one time or another.

Occasionally, I had the opportunity to be involved.

This was a little street parade
advertising a river-bank Art Show...

The Concho River weaves through town,
banked by hilltop homes, browsing trails, parks,
golf courses, and lovely sunken gardens.
Part of it was only two blocks from our house.

When we first moved to San Angelo, I was still a kid
and found it a wonderful place to play,
acting out imaginary scenarios among the gardens, paths,
little rock-lined creeks and ponds.
I was never at a loss to entertain myself,
learned from being at the ranch every summer.
I treasured friends, but if I had to play alone, it was no hardship.

I found friends in my new hometown, however.
I've been fortunate to still have the friendship of many of them.

This is my dear friend, Jean...

Jean became almost like a sister to me....
like a sibling close to my own age!

We had lots of laughs, but there's no way to express how
she filled an empty space for me in the family forum.
It was through Jean that I "met" many of my life-time beloved thinkers/writers.

We've remained friends over the years;
we've offered helping hands and held each other's hands
during many trying times, sometimes only via written letters.

We still keep in touch.

In the park not far from home...

...a perfect setting for kindling young imagination to visualize and dream.

I was an avid reader, so many vistas
stretched out for the taking.
I began to write poetry and little short stories of my own.

Sewing and music were vital to me, too -
almost seemed to "define" and focus me.
Designing and making my own clothes
became an obsession.
It was self-expressive in many ways.

Mother's love of beauty and art media
and both parents' respect for authenticity
were woven into my design ideas,
became basic to my creativity
and its hallmark, along with originality.

Ah! Music!
It was always part of my life,
though I can't claim any special talent there.
I just enjoy it!
My little antique piano was my H.S.
graduation pride and joy!

Soon after turning 16, I started college

I was seventeen in these pictures...

...home from school for the summer...
falling in love with my childhood crush!

Next - during my sophomore year...

Here, a sophomore....
(It was wind gusts causing my skirt
to appear as it does in the photo!)

My Junior year - I transferred to SMU in the Fall ~

I can't remember who said it, but it's ponderable:
"Things don't just HAPPEN; they happen JUST."


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