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~Memories close to my heart~

Cherished keepsakes...

Overflowing thoughts...

And yes, I continued to grow up.

In my early teens, starting to bloom...

We'd moved from Del Rio to San Angelo when I was 10,
and my world changed dramatically.

At least, there was the ranch...

It was rather like an anchor for me,
something dependable...
Here I am with my colt, Bryan.

We needed to live in San Angelo, however,
to be near the irrigated farm
purchased to raise feed for the ranch livestock
during some brutally arid years of drought.

Actually, Dad loved that farming...
It was in his blood growing up.

Mother enjoyed San Angelo and its activities,
always gregarious and easily making new friends.
She was was active at Church, clubs, the arts,
but also, equally at home doing farm things -
and loved painting the landscapes.

I especially loved the aroma of new-mown alfalfa
on a warm Indian summer evening!
I loved the fresh vegetables and fruits
we grew out there,
(though farming seemed a dusty pursuit).

But the creek that bordered our farm was delightful,
with tall pecan trees all along its banks.
We spent many a time fishing and picnicking there.
And - many a fall day, picking up fallen pecans. . . oh - my back!
But what yummy pies and cakes they made!

We lived in town; the farm was a 15-mile daily commute
for my Dad - and also for Mother and me, on occasion.

Of course - we still spent time at the ranch.
Dad, more often than us, year 'round,
but summers were still mostly spent there.
It was simply a longer distance for us.

Our house in San Angelo ...

So many memories in that house...

Yet, for me, a young kid uprooted, the house
seemed painfully incomplete without my siblings.

This is the house that burned
when I was in 8th grade.
Because of its construction,
it didn't burn to the ground.
But many treasures were either burned
or badly scorched and water-damaged.

The garage was converted into temporary
living quarters while the house was being
repaired and renovated.

I was still getting adjusted to the move -
to a new school, new friends, everything.
so this was a most challenging time.

Most of all, I missed Del Rio
and my childhood friends...

...especially my best-friend, Dorothy.
But we got to visit back and forth each summer
for several year.

Then I went to boarding school in Abilene...
...and she joined me there!

What fun it was living on a campus
teeming with college folks!

Over the years, our paths have crossed many times.
It's always as though no space or time has transpired.
She retired from teaching a number of years ago
and remarried - they live in Victoria, Texas.

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