Music: Sentimental Journey
Performed by: Rosemary Clooney

Page updated: March 20, 2010

So many things here in this special box!
I wish I could share them all with you!
oh! - my little diploma for graduating
from "Cradle Roll Nursery School" to "Beginners"!
Vacation Bible School certificates...
report cards! So many cherishables!

Oh, My! Just look at these treasures!

Doll quilts and clothes my Grandmas made for me!

Oh! look! Mother saved a thank-you note I wrote
to my other Grandma when I was nine!
She labeled it...

I just loved the dress Mother wore here...

Nellieanna and Mother...I still have the settee we're seated on!

Here's a picture of me in her dress!

Dad and I when I was 18, wearing Mother's gorgeous red dress!
(Dad was 60 years old then...Mother was 58.)

Backing up some's my own favorite little dress...

...a Cinderella Frock - Shirley Temple Brand...

What made it special to me was
it was given to me by my eldest sister...


A deep tragedy...many years later...

Vic, Harriet, little Bill, twins John and James.
...all killed when their car was hit by a train.
It was a devastating experience for our family.

I was encouraged to try things.
Mother was an accomplished artist
and as I followed her around,
she'd hand me paints, brushes and something to paint on,
such as a little cardboard cereal box divider,
so I could paint, too.
She was a master at teaching by example!
Her Scottish ancestry showed in conserving of materials!
To this day, I'm not wasteful, either!

There was always ample reading material -

...and material to work with, to create and experiment.

In fact - our house was like a resource bank!

The greatest resources, though - were the people themselves.
Dad always gathered me up in his arms
when he came in from the ranch.
How patiently he'd hear about my enthusiasms!
Even a boring recitation of multiplication tables
was heard with interest and approval!
I could hardly wait to demonstrate it,
when I first learned to whistle a tune!

How deeply they both influenced me!

Mother promoted learning to sew...
I always made doll clothes, but to "earn show money"
(all of a dime!)
for the Saturday shoot-em-up Westerns,
I was first required to make a quilt block!

Needless to say, at 8 or 9, my stitches weren't too perfect.
But Mother treated each effort as though it mattered!

But alas...most of my handiwork was lost when our house caught fire,
along with many other treasures...

Many keepsakes barely survived the fire, suffering damage...

Ah! A shelf of wonderful old books!

I "ran away from home" to neighbors' homes to seek out their bookshelves.
That prompted my parents to enroll me in first grade at a little private school
when I was four-and-a-half.
Miss Willy's. Eight grades in one big room!
Of course, Miss Willy was no pushover!

How I loved Uncle Wiggily stories
and the Garden of Verses!

My most favorite - "My Shadow"...
I have a little shadow
That goes in and out with me.
What can be the use of her
Is more than I can see...

This volume was my personal resource treasure!

It contained some of everything! (Even some of my earliest artwork!)

Alas, though, vision problems started me wearing glasses so young...

See how small these frames are...

This tiny book was a gift from my Dad...because he treasured it.

Dad's inscription was his hope that it would also provide a guideline for my life.


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