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Music: Sentimental Journey
Performed by: Rosemary Clooney

...and memorabilia...

What lovely fun...looking through treasure boxes and trunks...

Like golden treasures...

I'm finding pictures here..
This, with some of my clan, Christmas, 1987, our Dallas home...

top row:
George, Nellieanna, s-i-l Frances, bro Harold, b-i-l Jay, sis Ruth
middle row:
My daughter Dyane, niece Harriet Ann, niece Carroll, n-i-l Cheryl, nephew Roger
front row:
G-daughter Kasey, G-niece Vanessa, G-daughter Carla & G-niece Georgia

Here am I as a child with some of my family...

Nellieanna & doll with sister Ruth, Mother and brother Harold ~
(Dad was at the ranch; sister Harriet was at college.)

Speaking of Mother and Dad pictures!

Oh, just look! How quaint!

Mother's sister, Rosa, with Mother when they were children!

A favorite picture of Mother...

...hard to tell which is the "doll"!...
She confessed she had that picture made on her own...
and hadn't done too well combing her hair!

Here is one of her dolls I still have....

I ran across the check my Dad wrote to pay
the nurse who helped out when I was born --
caring for mother and me - and the household!

In "The" depression, it was a small fortune!

Here's MY baby picture...

... at three months old.

My mother saved everything...

...maybe it's the bootee I'm losing in the baby picture!

Mother with her Mother and baby sister, Annie Laurie.
This grandmother died a month before I was born.
Later, we visited Indiana, where she'd lived...

Nellieanna, Lafayette, Indiana
...when I was about a year and a half old!

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