MUSIC: September Song
Page updated: Oct. 2, 2004


It was a glorious September Sunday in 2000.
We wended our way from Dallas to Granbury -
and quickly settled ourselves where we were staying
near the junction of the road
leading to the Ridge On Lake Granbury
- where Ania and Rudi had come all the way from Switzerland to visit us!

We found the place and approached the door with anticipation!

We were greeted with open arms!
It felt like we'd known each other forever!


These are two most special and wonderful people!

Thank you both for being YOU! And for this lovely visit together!

We fell into conversation immediately...
Meanwhile, Ania was preparing dinner...

~ in and out of the kitchen...

visiting with us ~

~ taking videos...

serving a champagne toast! ~


George and Rudi were talking...

I was having such fun taking pictures!
Had to get a close-up of the back of Rudi's Austin 6th Street T-shirt!


I caught Rudi in a rare serious mode!

Their condo was great - overlooking the lake from windows and doors...

...and a long deck stretching out over the water...

The food was nearly ready...wonderful aromas wafted from the kitchen
and Ania set the table for dinner...

How inviting!

Soon dinner was served! Yum!

Our hosts treated us to delicious delicacies!

Some condiments came from Switzerland! We were fascinated!

The foodstuff labels are written in three languages!

Everything tasted superb! Ania, you did really well!

After we finished dinner, we ventured out onto the deck.
Dusk was descending - and there was a mystical quality about it.



We continued our visiting in this magical setting ...

After awhile, Ania started coffee... And such luscious coffee!

It is a special type of Nescafe she brought from home!


...served with wonderful dessert of various Swiss chocolates -
and biscuits - delightful little morsels!

She explains one of the biscuits - or cookies.

It's a gingerbread-type, and is special to Switzerland.

We just revel in the company and the food!


The evening came to an end and we went back to our Casita.

But the next afternoon, we dropped by for a few moments
- and enjoyed their company once more.

That morning, I'd penned a little gift -
a pretty little book of my own poems.

It was with mixed emotions we left them,
knowing the distance of their journey.

But what a pleasure to have shared these precious moments
this September, 2000, together!
Thank you, dear hearts!

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