Music: The Continental
Performed by: Artie Shaw

Page updated: May 20, 2006


so am I . . .

What is it?
Where is it?
Why is it?

It's ~ joy and upbeat and feeling good!
It's where we are! Right here, right now.
Living it!

Being real.
And - why not?
It's what it is!

We color our own dreams,
but - more - we color the way our reality looks!

Might as well be bright and vivacious!

Keep it honest and it will be lively!
Blend dreams into reality
and let the parade begin!

Dazzling with lovely color!

This is about smelling the flowers on the way. . .

It's about not needing excuses to be happy!
It's about CREATING our happiness.

It's about really seeing each other . . .
really making contact.

If I can
Touch the sky,
There is no
Reason why
I can't touch you!
I do!

Echo. . .

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