Music:Man of My Dreams
From Somewhere In Time
Musician: John Barry

Page updated: May 20, 2006

For Summer, when it is
Slow - Shimmery - Silvery - Savory

A wispy, willowy sense of twilight gathers us into its arms.
A quiet certainty takes hold.

No other purpose for this moment, this virtual ballet of life,
but to balance perfectly in floating upon its lilting notes.

Ah, the reverie, the ambience - what more is needed?
I think, nothing is.
Such is the pleasure in simple awareness of beauty,
within a deep, engulfing knowing.

Enjoy ~ while it lingers!

For yet another night, then the dance of life
becomes the ALLEGRO once again... dawn becomes day!


1998-2006 - Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay