Page updated: Mar. 1, 2006


Come in and unwind!

I just this room!

So does George Hay!

And - hopefully, so will YOU!

We stand on little or no formality in here!

If you're lucky, you'll find a place to sit!

You'll need to pick your way carefully through stacks of papers.
What we have here is George's foolproof filing system!
He uses the edges!

And it's where we open the mail...
so you know now why there are papers scattered about!

Well, nothing's perfect!!

It's like a warm nest in here,
when it's cold or when it's mean outside!
And it's nice and cool in the summer
when one could be melting in the Dallas heat!

It can be the jumpingest, partyingest, laughingest, or yellingest ~
(like, when the Cowboys are playing!)

But - at other times, no place on earth
is more soothing when needed!

We talk to each other a lot.
We share thoughts and ideas...
and sometimes cry at the human condition...
but often laugh at the human comedy.

Sometimes we just quietly sit here together,
communicating our problems and our pleasures...
with or without words...
so as to find and maintain the fine balance
of harmony and fairness in our relationship.

George is quite inventive and I have a measure of creativity.
This is where our designs frequently take shape...
...often, as we ponder imponderables and consider "what-if"s!

We watch TV and enjoy listening to and making music here, too...
from classics to country - to celtic!

My l'il piano is one of my treasures!

George in his favorite chair...
enjoying a favorite pastime!

We love our people and enjoy having them here.
We also love our solitude and
- yes, our privacy, at times...
and enjoy it fully.


George Jr. and our Lucy visiting,
sharing a glass of bubbly for some special occasion!


We're up to celebrating just about any thing,
any time at all!

Celebrated a return from the ranch
with dear friends, Val and Norm!

Smiling house
The joy
Of being in it.


1970-2006 - Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay