Page updated: Mar. 1, 2006

. . . So glad you stopped by my studio . . .


Kick off your shoes - just relax and N-joy.

This is where we brainstorm or putter around stirring up ideas out of the ether!
Don't be surprised if everything switches mid-stream.
Inspiration - is often like - a whirlwind!

There are few days I don't feel a surge of something creative-
and the strong urge to do something about it!
But there are days I'm absolutely lifted on it
and MUST do something about it!
- I would like nothing so much as -
to share with YOU!

Labyrinth of life
Taking turns on straightaways,
Moving by the feel
Of what is real,
Sensing new directions
As they come and go
Too swiftly for analysis;
Perhaps ~
To move
Into the light again,
To know - the better turns!


The Den!

I looked on lavender and knew what stars would never know. --NH

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