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Ideas grow . . . through meditating

"Meditation is the seeing of what is
and going beyond it."
______J. Krishnamurti.

"Meditation is a state of mind
which looks at everything
with complete attention,
totally, not just parts of it."

______J. Krishnamurti.

I had scanned the forest
From within
And from afar.
Trees were only trees;
I had determined that.
But - suddenly -
From out of these,
There shines a light,
As though
A secret passageway
Within them
Falls ajar,
To beckon me
To follow!


"Do not be conformed to this world,
but be transformed by the renewal of your mind,
that you may prove what is the will of God,
what is good and acceptable and perfect."
Romans 12:2 -

The Bible.

Meditation is practised in many ways,
by many people of great wisdom and understanding
- and also - by those who aspire to those qualities of being.

Meditation is essential in my life.
Although it requires a state of being in which one is not striving,
that is a requirement which seems almost in contradiction.
It is a deliberate personal choice,
but it is a choice of one's inner spirit, rather than of one's analytical mind.
Engaging in it enhances one's performance of all other activities
by nourishing and replenishing one's attitude.
And attitude is to living as seasoning is to supper!

"Meditation is not concentration, which is exclusion,
a cutting off, a resistance and so a conflict.
A meditative mind can concentrate,
which then is not an exlusion, a resistance;
but a concentrated mind cannot meditate."

______J. Krishnamurti

It may seem,
At times -
Self is consistent
With itself,
In man


(my love affair with life!)

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