Page updated: Mar. 1, 2006


. . What a wonderful hideaway! . .

All that's needed is US!
Yes, yes -- I know -- we've rehearsed it so often,
there's no need to mention it.

But -- let there be no doubt that your company is wanted,
-- to sit beside me here and contemplate the day.

Perhaps it will be an early-day,
with dew still on the ground, possibly even a little frosty.

The gazebo is protected -
the flowers are blooming in the lea of it,
even when there's a nip in the air.

But it matters not what time of the year or day.
Afternoon is nice as well,
with its long shadows creeping across the ground
and birds hushing early for the night.
Yes - we shall talk about higher things and be lifted away, I think.

Will that suit you, too?

I think we feel life most
- by contrasts. ---nh

. . . Ah - there protrudes a bit of lichen on a twig from out
the blanket of leaves on the woods' floor.

Every detail transfixes us, now -
a wordless rapport in suspended time
molded of this crystalline moment.

Our beings are one in it.

Ah - to simply share it - as it is, and must be!

For the moment ----I am -- we are -
outside time or place.

It is Awesome!
Magestic! Infinitessimal....
All at the same - instant.

Being able to find this shelter
against any distraction - is lovely.
seems fitting.

I 've so looked forward to the onset of this special magic.

OH! I do love this!

From here, one can view the yard -
the fish pond -

A most special delight!

And flowers.....everywhere!

I can't forget the soul we shared
And dared to blend,
To end
Our isolation.




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