Tea For Two

Performed by: Julie Andrews

Page updated: June 1, 2018

Join the celebration with
our delightful GEMINI friends!

I feel kinship - Gemini is my ascending sign.

This is ~

Chatty Gemini rules communication,
so when lots of planets are visiting the sign of the Twin,
conversations may tilt crazily from intimacy and candor,
to duplicity and confusion.
Be prepared for everything from double-talk
to probing heart-to-hearts.
Just don't expect silence from your Gemini!

Geminis often become writers or public speakers. -
They shine where communication skills are needed.
Gemini is extremely quick-witted, articulate, and intelligent, -
and quick, being ruled by the planet Mercury, the swift & agile.

Never will one find a Gemini at a loss for words,
though they sometimes prefer to hold their thoughts
close to the chest and leave others guessing.
They are never boring!

The typical Gemini frequently pursues
several ideas or goals at once,
causing them to seem to be two people at once.
In fact, often the Gemini appearance suggests duality,
being a mixture of yin and yang traits.

This is a mutable sign, which, in the Gemini case,
might be a bit fickle, or even wishy-washy.
Mutable people are flexible and like to go with the flow.
Geminis are dexterous and able to tackle many things simultaneously.
This is fortunate, considering their myriad interests!

They also can and do switch moods at the drop of a hat.
They, themselves, may not always know what they'll do next!
But the positive side of all of this is that
they're usually able to look at both sides of issues, as well
The downside of such a curious and fascinating mind is
a certain lack of follow-through.
But being so many things in just one person
- well - how much can just one do?

The natural gemstones of Gemini are aquamarine,
citrine, emerald and peridot.

Gemini's flower is lily-of-the-valley,
along with lavender.

Yellow is Gemini's best color and its best day is Wednesday.
Its metal is, not surprisingly,quicksilver - mercury!

Geminis are usually slim and agile,
with finely-chiseled features.

So just remember: when you feel as though you're seeing double,
it may very well be a multi-faceted Gemini!

Gemini is one of the three "Air" signs, with Aquarius and Libra.
Air signs are extremely compatible with each other.
The best combination for marriage and partnerships, however,
is Sagittarius.

The constellation of Gemini -
with its two major stars, Castor and Pollux,
the twins in Greek mythology:

The ruling planet is Mercury,
closest to the Sun and the fastest moving
of all the Solar System's planets.
Its movement typifies the way Gemini moves and thinks.

Gemini rules these dates:

May 21-June 21


May 22 - Penny V.
May 22/23 (midnight) - John B.(my neighbor)
May 22 -Carol Ann - daughter of friend
May 24 - Catherine (Cat) A.
May 28 - Janet - dear online friend
May 31 - Steve W. (my son)
May 31 - Kasey P. (my granddaughter)
June 01 - Nicole - mother of 3 of my great-grandchildren
June 04 - Marie Flint - online friend
June 07 - Ginny A.
June 08 - Shalini - online friend
June 10 - Cindy A. (Jorge's niece by marriage)
June 14 - Vicki M.- longtime online friend
June 15 - Donna M.
June 16 - Bill D. (Jorge's son)
June 16 - Ryan G. (Jorge's grandson and George's great-great-nephew)
June 18 - Aaron N. (my great-grandson)

June 17 - Auden L.(Jorge's grandson)

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