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Gemstones are diamonds, garnets, ruby, fire opal, jasper.

Come CELEBRATE with ~


* March 23 - Ross Hershey
* March 29 - Claire -(great-granddaughter)
* March 29 - Hal -(nephew)
* March 31 - George, Jr.-(stepson)
* April 02 - Skylar (great-grandson)
* April 06 - Linda (niece)
* April 10 - Alison (step-granddaughter)
* April 15 - Martie (cyber-daughter)
* April 18 - Dyane (daughter)

The symbol is the RAM.

Ruled by planet MARS.

Fire sign.


Aries are

Warmly loving.
Living in the present.
Quick to respond.
Often incendiary.

Equally quick
to forget & move on.
Seldom holding a grudge.

Aries are not traditional peacemakers,
It's in their nature
To fight fiercely for a cause.

Yet they retain an immediacy
in all they do,
an almost child-like quality,
so full of wonderment.

Those born under the sign of Aries are friendly creatures with forceful manners, firm handsclasps and instant smiles. They are naturally humorous and quick of wit, enjoying music and entertainment. As students, they have the ability to apply whatever they learn to good advantage.

Individuals governed by Aries are courageous leaders, genuinely concerned about the welfare of those they command. Being responsible souls, it is rare that those ruled by Aries will use a subordinate to obtain their own objectives...but it does occasionally happen.

Aries is much concerned with self...both positively and negatively. This self-reliant characteristic can sometimes lead to a self-centered attitudes, with tendencies to be overly-concerned with personal advancement and physical satisfaction.

Leaders of the pack, Aries individuals are the first in line to get things going. Whether or not everything is accomplished is another question altogether, for this Sign prefers to initiate and would rather leave the completion process to somebody else.

Blessed with personal magnetism, Aries subjects are able to rally supporters to a cause, even against seemingly insurmountable odds. Known as "Pioneers of the Zodiac" and possessed of an inexhaustible energy, natives of Aries are always willing to try new things and break new ground.

The impulsive Aries subject is often tempted to "ram" his or her ideas down the throats of others. Blunt and to the point, Aries' sheer force of being can accomplish a great deal. Much of this drive is associated with the Cardinal quality assigned with this Zodiac Sign. Cardinal Signs love to get things moving...and Aries individuals probably exemplify this trait better than the rest.

In business, natives of Aries will usually find success, provided that good choices are made and issues are faced squarely. They make excellent salesmen and their drive is invaluable in real estate, banking, insurance and other financial fields.

Professionally, they are fine actors, capable lawyers, doctors and statemen. They are also drawn with some success to literary and artistic work. Aries subjects also make for good athletes and climbers. They excel as explorers...of new ideas, as well as of unchartered territory...which makes them particularly good candidates in the field of outer space adventuring.

Military careers are often a favored choice of Aries natives, although they make for awkward subordinates and are poor followers, frequently unwilling to obey or submit to directions for which they can see no reason, or with which they disagree.

Mentally, Aries individuals are intellectual and objective, although in rare instances they can become bigoted and extremist, especially when it comes to religion and politics.

They are quick-witted but sometimes foolhardy and overly optimistic, lacking thoroughness and the ability to evaluate difficulties regarding the undertakings into which they often rush impulsively.

The great need of Aries subjects is to exercise self-control and to discipline the qualities and tendencies of their character to the advantage...and not the detriment...of both themselves and the society in which they move.

Committed to idealistic causes and angrily defending the underdog, both the male and female Aries will fight for what he or she believes to be an injustice and will not be bashful about voicing personal opinions. In fact, Aries subjects prefer to take the lead in conversations.

Keen, creative and hightly adaptive, they are also impetuous and headstrong and the Ruling Planet of Mars adds an aggressive touch to an already active and ambitious nature.

This Sign represents birth and new beginnings. People who fall under the jurisdication of Aries are typically full of creative energy and enthusiasm with a great inner drive, which is expressed through action, to prove themselves.

Competitive, they are constantly seeking experiences which give them the opportunity to prove they are the best. There is little timidity to be found in Aries the Ram, they are confident "doers" who frequently forge ahead regardless of the consequences. However, this impulsive behavior can sometimes lead to problems because such persons tend to leap before they look.

Natives of Aries are not afraid to take risks or gamble in order to have their way. If their impulsive drives can be tempered, then they will accomplish much and become successful leaders. They constantly seek to be the best at whatever they do and would rather have fame and good fortune, or at the least, admiration and recognition, more than material wealth.

Aries indiviudals are willing to sacrifice time, money and even their lives for those they love. They want to believe the best of everyone, but are not always the best judges of character.

Aries individuals possess the drive to make a lot of money, but they can also waste their opportunities through recklessness.

They are often more ostentatious than their budgets will allow and tend to fritter away money that they can ill afford to lose. And, though material wealth is not tantamount to them, they enjoy the trappings of success, so that impatience for immediate riches often leads Aries subjects into schemes which are unsound or fraudulent. Those who are successful are usually the ones who have managed to control their rashness and develope the patience to take their time in order to do things properly so they will endure.

The Aries personality craves independence and often seeks out positions of authority. Optimism is a major part of this personality and it is far from easy to discourage any Aries native from a task that he or she has begun. These persons are, however, notorious for failing to finish what they start. The high-spirited nature and "right now" view of time in the Aries disposition are extremely contagious and they are seldom daunted by fear of failure. Plus they gather others who are infected with the "can-do" positive attitudes they exude. At their worst, they can be domineering, quick-tempered, willful, arrogant, self-centered and intolerant.

Born leaders, Aries subjects delight in being where the action is. They are direct and forceful, enthusiastic and impulsive, eager and impatient. They like to do things their own way and resent interference from others. This can make them appear insensitive and rude. Yet, strangely enough, sooner or later, most people will give in to the Aries native, usually because they come to realize that he or she is perhaps better suited than most to be the leader...chiefly due to the fact that the physical and moral courage of this particular Zodiac Sign is counted among its most outstanding characteristics.

Although the Aries generosity can, in many ways, be overwhelming, the general attitude is not one of tolerance. Those who fall under the spell (or jurisdiction) of Aries will be dazzled and usually will be empowered with the Aries own fiery force.

The Aries will go straight to the heart of a matter, accomplishing goals far quicker than anyone else. This can make them impatient with those who do not possess such a direct approach. However, on the other hand, if Aries subjects perceive somebody to be in need of help, then they will do everything in their power to ease the burden. Consequently, those persons governed by Aries display a great interest in charitable work or voluntary work concerning the welfare of others...of course, it goes without saying that they must be allowed to carry out this work in the way they wish to.

Aries individuals will never go unnoticed in life and are almost certain to realize their ambitions. Nevertheless, there are numerous pitfalls in the path of this sign, many put there by the very nature of Aries itself. Aries natives would be wise to recognize these pitfalls and learn to act for the best, even when it requires more aforethought than may come naturally.

Though quick and clever, the impulsive character of Aries subjects (and the inability to be tactful in a subtle manner) might lead them to verbally express more than was intended or wise, on occasion.

Though quick to anger, those ruled by Aries are also quick to get over the outburst, for these are self-confident and positive individuals who are guided by flashes of intuition and irresistable impulse. Also, they truly prefer to live in the present and to let go of the past, especially if it is tinged with negativity.

Above all, Aries natives need to guard against obstinacy and try to cure a tendency to dislike admitting when they are in the wrong. If he or she has the strength to overcome such failings, then there is every reason to expect that the ambitions of the Aries individual will be realized and that in the long run happiness will blossom and flourish.

The symbol of Aries...the Ram...when meeting an obstacle, butts into it and usually knocks it down immediately. So it is with those born under this Zodiac Sign. They will never admit defeat, believing that what refuses to yield to persuasion will surely yield to force. Because of this, Aries individuals may be encounter many pioneering tasks in life. However, they must beware of championing lost causes.

That having been said, it is also quite likely that their energy will most probably carry them through troubles and obstacles which could appear insurmountable to others.

The secret fear of Aries subjects is that they will not be liked or valued. The double-edged sword in effect is their lack of self-examination, believing as they do that they are simply right and would have no reason to examine or change their own behavior. The tendency is to blame the other person for failing to see their value. But being right or believing they are right is small comfort to Aries who simply yearn for warm response and appreciation in return for all they offer!

But, typically, Aries is slow to judge others in most other respects. Theirs is a "live and let live" view, so long as their own actions are not questioned or given interference.

In general this is a healthy Sign, complete with robust natural warmth and enthusiasm which does attract and stimulate others to take up new interests. The Aries is capable of bestowing upon others more confidence in their own leadership qualities, in fact. It is sort of fall-out from their own!

The way of a Warrior is based on humanity, love, and sincerity;
the heart of martial valor is true bravery, wisdom, love, and friendship.
Emphasis on the physical aspects of warriorship is futile,
for the power of the body is always limited.

__Morihei Ueshiba in "The Art Of Peace"

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