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Just the perfect day to...

Celebrate with dear Cancer friends!


Cancer is almost psychic,
it is so perceptive.
The Cancer person really has
"eyes in the back of his or her head",
especially when emotionally involved.

Although Cancer glows best
in reflected light of the Moon ~ their ruling planet ~
let it be clear that there's nothing wishy-washy or gullible about him.
In fact, he's quite strong and capable.
Don't ever forget that!
Not unless you prefer to
invoke the Crab's displeasure!
Be assured - that's never wise!

Moonstone suits this sign perfectly!

The Crab is a definite personality.
Yet one seldom finds him
performing on center-stage.
He's more likely keeping close tabs
on everyone else and advising.
He'll lend his full support to a project
IF his standards are being met
and IF he is fully acknowledged
and properly compensated....
not necessarily monetarily or with glory,
but it must fully meet with his satisfaction.
Status does matter to the Cancer person.

When a project in which he's involved
"comes together" successfully,
He'll bask in the warmth and light
of more flambouyant types,
secure in the certainty of his
contribution and worth.

Cancers seldom move, speak
or act in a DIRECT or a rash manner.
Their physical and mental routes
tend to zig-zag steadily,
in a manner similar to the crab's
navigation of her habitat.
Nothing is overlooked.
Every movement is cautiously placed.

And habitat is most important
to the Cancer person.
HOME is sacred....
including everything - and everyone -
within it and connected with it!
The slightest whimper of distress
gets his or her full attention.
And - any motion to leave the nest
causes the Crab to secure the doors.

Moon Children, as they're also called,
will be among the first to respond
immediately and effectively
in any crisis or emergency.
Just don't expect the Crab
to be very flexible or yielding.
This is an individual with single-minded
determination and - at times -
almost ruthless pursuit of the goal.

He POSSESSES his surroundings - totally.
Even his whims are imperatives, it may seem.
He simply brooks no opposition.
Nor do dark passageways and murky tunnels
frighten him.
In fact, he'll use them to his advantage.
He intimately understand the depths,
whether of oceans, the soul,
human nature or - alas! -
the means to the end.

It's interesting to note that
the United States of America
was "born" under this sign
on July 4th, 1776.


July 21 - Vanessa (my grand-niece)
June 22 - Carla (my departed, beloved late granddaughter)
June 30 - Rudi (of Anru)
July 05 - Audrey Nape (beloved late friend)
July 07 - Jorge (nephew by marriage)
July 08 - Deborah Brooks Langford
July 08 - Lisa (from Malta)
July 10 - Judi Demers
July 11 - Mike Reed
July 13 - Don (Ash)
July 15 - Nancy (Neka)
July 15 - Cheryl Charker

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