Song: "Silent Tears and Roses"
Performed by: Herb Alpert

Page updated: October 21, 2013

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Let's celebrate!
Especially, for those with birthdays during
Scorpio's Reign:

October 23 ~ November 21

Oct. 24 - My late sister, Ruth Holdeman Sewell, 1920-2012

Oct. 26 - Loroli (Wendy T.)
Oct. 31 - Kallini (Svetlana Ivanova)
Nov. 01 - My late brother, Harold Holdeman, 1922-1990

Nov. 06 - Sandra Williams
Nov. 09 - Audrey Kirchner
Nov. 10 - Dave Higgons (DownUnder)
Nov. 14 - DRBJ (BJ Rakow)
Nov. 19 - Vincent Moore (Ken Snowden)
Nov. 20 - Peter Moor

Do NOT - I repeat - DO NOT underestimate a SCORPIO.
Or do so at your own risk!
Don't try to claim I didn't warn you!

SCORPIO is a water sign, one of the 3.
But - get this - it's the
FIXED water sign!
Go figure, huh?

Water signs in general, though,
are those folks who sense things.
They have uncanny intuition.
They see-through coverups.
Trying to fool one of them is
asking to be found-out!
One look into that steady, deep, fixed
crystal-clear gaze
should convince you not to play games.

Now add to this fluid faculty, the fixity.
Forges liquid metal into tempered steel.

And with planet Pluto ruling these folks,
that forge will be nuclear-powered.
Think: Plutonium.

Now, there's nothing to suggest that
your SCORPIO won't be playing games with YOU!
Quite the contrary.
This person will use any loophole -
and create a few - to get to you.
But one thing you can be sure of:
there are no "grays" here -
just clear black and clear white.

Whether or not it will be nice for you
will depend on the individual level
of spiritual developement which
his/her soul has attained.

Major characteristics:
Serious purposefulness
Dedication to personal choices
Firm control of personal destiny
Curiosity - almost to a fault
Ability to recover from loss

Long-lasting memory!
(An elephant is absent-minded,
by comparison!)

Probing research capabilities
Sharp mental application
Charm & magnetism
Intensity in all things.


You can see how such strong traits
could be wielded for good or for evil!

Other factors, such as gender,
location, era, position in life,
other astrological influences -
all modify the basic Sun Signs.

All signs manifest levels of soul
development or evolution.

In the case of SCORPIO, however,
the power available for use in the
levels of spiritual growth
is most especially clear & significant.

Scorpio partners well with Taurus, The Bull,
though they are both "fixed" and stubborn!!

The associated symbol of SCORPIO
is, of course - the SCORPION.
The constellation suggests that shape.

What may be less known is that
this intriquing sign actually is represented
by 3 symbols, so that the one applying
to that clear-eyed controlled volcano
you happen to be wondering about,
depends upon that level of maturity or evolution
the individual soul has reached,
as mentioned before.

But the range of Scorpio developement levels
seems more dramatic and extreme than those of other signs.

The first level is symbolized
by a snake. Yep.
We all understand the nature of
that creature, right?

"Don't tread on me!" is the least
aggressive of its mottos.
They strike for the jugular
and ask questions later, if ever.

In the case of the snake-SCORPIO type,
all the subtleties & intuitive
talents of SCORPIO come into play.
Their ability to win - by any means -
is frightening.
And they're UNinhibited by conscience.
Shudder. . .
Fortunately, they are as rare as
the other end of the SCORPIO spectrum!

The familiar symbol of a SCORPION
is the one most familiar,
where the majority, the bell-curve,
average SCORPIO fits.
(but if you tell one of them I said so,
heaven help me!)
They have so much pride, they all think
they are totally, uniquely superior.
And, maybe compared to lots of signs,
they are.

The scorpion represents valuable
regenerative powers.
It knows how to manage in tough times.
It is in control of its destiny - would
kill itself, rather than be killed.
Life is on its own terms, or not at all.
They can usually keep it on their terms!

But comparing within their own sign,
these are still the working-class drones.

Yes, they have all the potential power
& beginnings of wisdom to which they aspire,
but they still fall way short
of ultimate, ideal SCORPIO potential.
That's partly due to the heights possible.

Read on . . .

The rarest & most highly evolved
SCORPIO individual
is symbolized by the EAGLE.
The eagle stands for EXCELLENCE.
The eagle soars above the crowd.
This person has unfailing power on tap
of the 8th House SCORPIO sign -
but won't wield it except for GOOD
motives and purposes.
EAGLE SCORPIO has ability to discern,
to discipline selfish desires,
to lead with justice and honor,
to protect the weaker,
to radiate and demonstrate what
it is to be both free and disciplined.

This person is a CHAMPION.
Almost an AVATAR... A guru.

This is a rare human being.
Others have potential just as strong
and just as valuable.
But the EAGLE SCORPIO truly has
unique and wonderful abilities.

They're all within eventual reach
of more primitive SCORPIO types,
& already present in bits & pieces.

Some other symbolic things for the sign:

The flower is the Calendula.

The gemstone is Opal,
Bloodstone, Topaz, or Citrine.
Ruling planet is Pluto.

SCORPIO is a feminine sign.
It's no myth that it's a passionate sign
so might as well talk about how Scorpio
relates in the romance department!

It's a Water sign and it
relates well with Pisces & Cancer,
the other Water signs.

Other signs which might light Scorpio's fire
are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo - the Earth Signs.

Scorpios and Air Signs are least well-suited.
So Libra, Gemini and Aquarius
would be well-advised to stay clear of scorpions!

SCORPIO is a Fixed sign,
along with Taurus, Leo & Aquarius,
but Fixed signs are less compatible.
That's easy to figure, huh?

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