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...I'm Nellieanna...

And this is

It's a beloved project...
but one that was waylaid
by a top-priority situation
several years ago,
after a good beginning.

When I got it out recently, though,
I was filled with a sense of awe.
It really seems rather magnificent!

There's something about a handmade quilt.
It is ... PERSONAL!
Intimate ...
It speaks without words.
In a way, it is like haiku poetry.

This is my second major quilt.
I designed and made a very unique
"Stained-Glass" quilt in about 1975.
It was inspired by actual
stained-glass windows
rescued from the family homestead
of someone close to me.
The colors were lovely and lucent. Though I gave it away,
it is vivid in my mind's eye.

That quilt was enormous -
a king-sized to-the-floor cover.
I drew and scaled the actual glass pieces
from their size in a 24"x24" window
to several times their size for the quilt.
So - it was a replica of the windows,
even to a translucent quality
like the windows themselves.

This quilt on this page came into being
when I took a quilting class in 1988.
You can see that many different
traditional block designs,
using a variety of piecing techniques,
- were coordinated.

Click on a thumbnail below to view the larger quilt block detail.
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The piecing of the quilt-top was finished
within the duration of the 5-week course.
Cutting and piecing is a most exacting process,
matching each and every junction to precision.
At first I used the Singer portable machine
I got for graduation from High School!
It only sews - no fancy stitches.
But it's all-metal, holds a super-straight seamline!

However this project prompted the purchase of
my "dream machine" - a Pfaff computerized one!
What a pleasure ever since!
And my very first-ever computerized item!

The sewing room is also the guest room.
If you ever visit us, perhaps the quilt
Will be finished!
At least, perhaps the room will be tidier!
(but don't count on it!)

Click on a thumbnail below to view the larger quilt block detail.
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Bear in mind that the hand-stitches you can see
in the pictures of the individual blocks
are only basting stitches, not quilting ones!

Because, you see....
Later I combined the various layers -
top, the inner layer of padding and the backing
and basted it all together rather closely.
The background of this page is similar to
the quilt's backing, by the way...
soft, cottony and cuddly...

It was quite a challenge - here at home.
I cleared off a large area of terrazzo floor
to spread it out, working several days
on hands and knees to hand-sew the basting
every inch over the surface,
then marking out the pattern for the next step,
the actual hand-quilting.
This is still in progress.

Though the hand-quilting of the layers is
the more intricate and tedious part,
fortunately - it can be done
in a much more comfortable position!

The final step is to bind and finish
the quilt layers' edges.
Then - to use and N-joy it!

It's FUN! Light and Whimsical!

Best of all, is sharing with YOU!!
Special things ... just for fun!

Thanks for sharing this special thing with me.
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