Page updated: Mar. 1, 2006


...I'm Nellieanna...

This is a place of

It's my comfort zone...
so step inside and share with me!

It's a special hideaway, a place to indulge in delight...
so like an enchanted moonbeam.

It's a portal to yet other vistas of delightful fantasy...
and silken imagination!!

Like butterflies, it has an air of pure freedom and beauty.

It's FUN! Light! Breezy! Fragrant! Whimsical!

Um-m-m-m- - -

It's to share with YOU!!

So shed your cares, kick off your shoes - Njoy!

Let me be
Your banner.
Raise me up
Each morning.
Lower me
Each night.
And hide me safe
Your heart
Till needed....


Pillow Talk!

1970-2006 - Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay


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