Page updated: Mar. 1, 2006


Where Designs Become Reality!!

So - get comfortable and prepared to "getcha" on command!
If you have on a jacket, peel it!
This IS going to be a FUN workout!

This is in no way a typical workroom!

It's not frantic and creativity isn't left behind
back in the studio!

After all, the fabric, the paint, ink, food - whatever the material of it is -
continues to design and form itself in our hands
during the entire process of preparation and construction!
That's what is so exciting about it!
- It doesn't even have to be perfect!

Just so it has harmony!


Just wait! You're in for a spin!

Be sure - we will have fun! -
music - refreshments - beauty, too!
I learn
To sip and savor...
To let the flavor
Slip and slide itself
Around and down
The passageways inside,
- and glide, till they
Become a part of me
Refining sense


So ~ look around you!
You'll see supplies and equipment of all kinds -
for making things.
There are the bookshelves - full of help of all kinds.
This is going to be a sizzling place when everyone gets the "bug"!

Let's go!!

If it can't be fun, why do it? - It can be done fun!

1970-2006 - Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay