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Join our celebration
with the

A lovely get-together for lunch & an update
with friends & associates ~
at The Hotel Dallas Mockingbird!

I get in on it by marriage, of course!
George retired in 1987 from
The Dallas City Water Department .
(He's an Industrial Engineer by profession.)

We rode to the luncheon with our dear friends,
Valerie and Norman Benedict.

We also ran into other old friends,
W.C. "Duke" and Ruth Cornell.

We sat at the table with several retirees
and their guests whom we'd not met before.

Norman, George & Valerie
These friends go 'way back!

Nellieanna, George & Valerie ~
Says he doesn't mind being in the middle!

George & the lovely Atrium!
There were hundreds of folks present!

Norman & George
near the registration tables

Valerie ~ looking at some of the
free gifts being handed out!

Valerie & George chatting
& enjoying a "funny"!

"Oh, Oh!" says Valerie & George smiles!
Time to get nearer the ballroom doors!

"Duke", Ruth, Norm & George!
More friends of long-standing!

The group. . .
has inched closer to the doors!
Besides, the entertainment is nearer.

"Oh, not yet, Nellieanna!" Val says!
The doors will open at 12:00 Noon!

And - they do!

We find a good table
and meet some people . . .

"Please pass the lemon," says Norm.
The iced-tea hits the spot!
Dessert was yummy, too - lemon pie!

We heard some speakers ~
a preview of what's new for 2005.

After lunch & the short business meeting,
the four of us returned to Val & Norm's
where we left our car -
for a welcome glass or two of wine
and to relax after the festivities.

Of course, the Navy guys had much
reminiscing to do.
Their long acquaintance includes
working together at various locations,
ending with the planning department of
The City of Dallas Water Department.

Val and I caught up on girl-stuff.

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At Val and Norm's

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