Page created: Aug. 3, 2004

Continuing to celebrate
with the
the Benedicts!

We drove from the DCREA luncheon
back across town to their house. . . .
where we've shared many
a New Year's Eve
and Super Bowl Sunday. . .
with these good

George & Norm looking at pictures
as Val is coming into the den.

George & Norm. . .
Whoa, there, Val - no pickpocking!

Val offers us a glass of wine. . .
That's more like it!

George & Norm . . . good buddies.
Norm was in submarines in the Navy,
George was on LSTs.

George just enjoying. . .
They love Mexico & vacation there,
so there are many mementos. . .

Norm being the gracious host. . .
tries to get George in the picture!

Their restful back yard
through the den's patio doors. . .

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