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A private country club

but easily accessible to Dallas and Ft. Worth!

The town of Cleburne is charming - and growing!

And it is on US 67 - the route we take to the ranch!

This is the Retreat Administration Building,
now completed, though I snapped this photo at an earlier time.

This Entry Gate is also now competed, though this was taken earlier.

It leads into the residential areas, spectacular golf courses,
club house with restaurants, tennis courts, swimming pools,
fitness center, little lakes and ponds and hiking trails.

The first nine holes of the thirty-six holes are nearly completed.
The golf paths are breathtakingly picturesque, with bridges spanning
creeks and vistas from every side!

All the winding roads on the premises are blacktop
with wide flat concrete borders.

This is our place!

We have chosen our lot...
I took this photo back then, in Feb., 2004.
Now, in 2005, we intend to get back
and resume our planning!

From our lot, we we can view a sweepting vista
of the Brazos River Canyon...

This is looking out across part of our lot.
We will plan our house to take advantage of this!

There will be no other houses built out there!
Our lot is along that side of the last street
on that side of The Retreat!

That area behind us is reserved for a landscaped green belt
along the outer western edge of The Retreat.
There will be a large duck pond down the slope
there, right behind our lot.
It will be stocked with fish, too!

Future plans of the developer include a possible horse-farm
private developement across the country road
which is just beyond the duck pond,
with several acres for the members homes
and stables provided for their horses.

Though this has the feel and privacy of the country,
it's not far from Dallas and Ft. Worth!
Just a short drive to all the advantages of the city!

It's a separate, private community, though
with lovely people and many amenities!
It's only 8 miles from the town of Cleburne,
which boasts a fine hospital,
good shopping and a laid-back ambience.

Cleburne is located on US-67, which is
the highway we take halfway to the ranch!
No more city traffic to contend with as we
start and end our long journey there!
Plus, it's 70 miles nearer the ranch!

Many things for us each to enjoy separately and together!

We are eager to start building. . .
This will be our home when we do.
We have spoken to a builder.

This is a house at The Retreat
which was built by the builder we have selected.

This was the sky as we started back to Dallas
the first time we visited The Retreat.
It seemed almost like a sign!


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